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Tapping into the Life Force Energy of Reiki: What Are Its Benefits?

The word “Reiki” is made up of two Japanese words. Rei means “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power,” and Ki means “life force energy.” Therefore, Reiki could be described as spiritually guide life force energy.

Why would you want to tap into this “life force energy”? In today’s busy, hectic, and fast-paced world, Reiki is a great way to manage everyday stressors, so you can feel more calm and at ease.

For example, here’s one way that I use Reiki for myself. If I’m worried about something in the middle of the night and it’s preventing me from sleeping (we’ve all been there), I tap into the Reiki energy, and voila – I fall asleep!

Rather than being consumed by what is stressing me out, I’m able to focus on feeling the calming energy of Reiki.

There are numerous different types of energy that we can experience in our daily lives: happiness, sadness, fear, courage, love, hate, anxiety, calm, etc. Sometimes, these lower energies – fear, hate, anxiety – can weigh us down and stunt our energy flow. That’s where the life force energy of Reiki comes in: it’s the loving, calm, peaceful energy that gives us a spiritual high.

As a Reiki practitioner, I tune into life force energy with my thoughts, and then guide that energy to balance my clients’ energy fields. Channeling energy in this way leads to a lot of benefits, from emotional to physical to spiritual and more.

Here are some of the major benefits that Reiki confers.

1. Emotional Benefits

In my experience as a Reiki practitioner, my clients always leave my sessions visibly more relaxed than they were when they came.

This is because Reiki is calming and relaxing – simply put, it takes away stress. For that reason, it’s a great way to get through the stressors of everyday life.

But there’s also evidence that Reiki can help with problems more profound than the everyday. For instance, there’s been evidence that Reiki helps combat long-term symptoms of depression. And it’s also been proven to help older adults with several psychological problems, including depression and anxiety.

Therefore, Reiki helps eliminate negative energy on both a small and large scale.

2. Physical Benefits

Not only does Reiki provide emotional healing, but it provides physical healing, too. That’s why Reiki is commonly used in hospitals.

For instance, post-surgery patients are able to heal faster if they participate in regular Reiki sessions compared to patients who received no Reiki. Given that Reiki clears the mind and allows patients to recover unencumbered by stress, their bodies are able to devote all their resources to healing.

3. Spiritual Benefits

Now, this is one I can speak to personally: Reiki has led me to live a more spiritual life. Due to its loving, calming nature, Reiki has allowed me to be more intentional in the way I speak, think, and act with my husband, friends, and family members.

That’s why I often use Reiki when I work with couples: it teaches them to be more intentional in the way the speak, so they can become more connected with one another.

In addition, Reiki enhances your intuition. Suppose you’re pondering about an important decision. When you’re calm and tuned into your present moment awareness – the way that Reiki allows you to be – an “intuitive hit” can happen when you least expect it.

Reiki helps you capture and trust that “gut” feeling. And the more you practice it, the more you learn to be still, to listen, and to simply be in the present moment.

4. Community Benefits

It’s not just about achieving personal peace and harmony: it’s about helping others get there as well. First of all, when you’re more calm and at ease in other areas of life, your energy is contagious: you’ll find yourself relating better and having more positive interactions with others.

Further, by practicing Reiki, you can perform Reiki on others. This allows you to spread the love, so that your friends and loved ones can get to the same place that you are in terms of their peace, energy, and spirituality.

As you can see, Reiki helps with a host of personal problems – if you’re feeling stressed out, if you’re having a hard time making decisions, or even if you’re recovering from an injury. It helps you achieve peace and calm for yourself, in addition to enabling you to help others get to that point as well.

Therefore, Reiki is a powerful tool not just in achieving harmony for ourselves, but for the whole world.

2016 – A year of transition!

There’s a lot of talk about this year of huge change, 2016 being the endings of things that no longer serve us, taking care of ourselves in a deeper way, and opening up in a bigger way spiritually!  I’m feeling it and I am ready! How about you?
A big part of what inspired me to begin WISH – Women in Soulful Harmony was my loving mother.  My mother was my greatest teacher in learning love, compassion, patience, forgiveness and trust.

With my husband I in the ‘sandwich generation’, we were in the middle of caring for an ailing parent along with making sure our daughter was taken care of while she was in grad school.  Financially trying to maneuver through it all with my husband being laid off was definitely a huge worry for the both of us.  I needed to be more available to mom so my therapy practice went very part time causing more financial stress. Our lives appeared on the outside to be really out of control.  Thank goodness we had money saved and sparingly used that to hold us over but then again the fear of using that money we’d saved stressed us out as it was our retirement money!  We were in a cycle of stress and worry!

The quote:  “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin came up in my mind often and I knew the worrying and stress was physically not serving my husband, my mom or me. I knew deep down, that I needed to let go and trust that we were going to be okay as we always were.  I came back to the present moment often and took deep breaths often.

You see, I’ve always believed there was more to this physical life.  Being an empath, I’ve been sensitive to energy, very intuitive and on some level, knew that my angels, guides, ancestors have always been looking after me.  I KNEW that I needed to let go of my own ego, trying to figure it all out. I let go and let God and my guides guide me.  I called on my angels and guides to give me the strength to manage and juggle all I was doing.

As a young child I had a difficult time figuring out who God was (being raised a Catholic).  Over time, I’ve realized for myself, that God is everywhere, all around us, and within us.  God is Universal Life Force Energy and we are part of the beautiful energy. We are Divine, Light Beings living on this earth to learn to love ourselves more, love others, be more compassionate, forgiving, patient because God (Universal Life Force Energy) is a symbol of these beautiful, spiritual virtues.

This was my focus and my mission for my mother’s last days of her life.  I didn’t know when she was going to physically leave this earth plane, but I was going to focus on being more compassionate, forgiving, patient and loving to my mom every moment.  I let go of worry and fear and focused more on love.  I can say I have no regrets and thank my mom for being such a gift to me in learning this.

To this day, I remember and practice present moment awareness when my ego gets in the way and I get in a worry mode.  I meditate and call in my guides to support and guide me daily.  I take a deep breath, shift my energy and focus on being grateful, loving, and patient with others and myself.  Because in the end, doesn’t it feel better to feel good??

My mission is to live a spiritually driven life as we maneuver through our physical lives with more intention!  I would love to partner with you to teach you tools I have learned to ‘align with your divine’, to live a soul-inspired, spiritual, purposeful life, EVERY day.

I offer a free, 30-minute clarity call and if you are inspired to know more, click on the ‘Contact’ icon on the bottom of the page and schedule a time with me.

Blessings to your day,