Meet Bessie Estonactoc, YOUR Soul Purpose Coach

  • Do you feel stuck and unsure how to step into the divine, soulful, powerful, confident woman who you truly are at your core in your life and/or business?
  • Do you crave living your life with soul purpose, intention, kindness and compassion every day rather than feeling like each day is just full of responsibilities for every one but yourself?
  • Are you a successful woman ready to live your life with more intention and ‘aligned with YOUR divine’, your soul purpose?

As a working woman and mom, this has been my life path and journey for many years and I would love to support you to unlock your unique brilliant Light as I have learned to do!

Hello, I am Bessie Estonactoc, a Soul Purpose Coach.  I’ve always been on a spiritual quest to find the answers of “Who am I?” and I can truly say that, “At the essence and core of my being, I know I AM a divine, soulful, powerful, confident woman. ”I would love to support you on your personal quest to the beautiful I AM who you truly are and integrate that in your business and life!

I’ve been fortunate to take many spiritual classes on mediumship, intuitive training, meditation, shamanic practices, energy and healing modalities including Reiki.  I’ve had many teachers along the way for whom I am so grateful.  With training as a Advanced Heart Centered Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner I enjoy providing coaching, teaching and healing sessions to clients.  As a Registered Yoga Teacher, and I enjoy showing my clients how to balance their life in mind, body and spirit. Being very much an empath, I have combined all that I have learned and now following my calling and true desire to help women expand spiritually, live more intentionally, embodying compassion, courage and clarity in their life and business.

With a background as a counselor, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I’ve been very blessed to witness tremendous growth with the clients with whom I’ve worked.  Although I’ve loved and enjoyed supporting my therapy clients, my truest passion now is helping women in a coaching capacity to expand their Light consciousness, to support women in knowing that it’s time to LET GO of self-limiting beliefs and victim thinking and be fearless in stepping out to share their gifts with the world. My WISH is to help you to step into more possibility thinking for an expansive, soulful, purposeful life and I would love to journey with you as your Soul Purpose Coach!!!

I am super excited as a Soul Purpose Coach to help you towards your next level of spiritual growth and change!  Are you ready?  I would love to connect with you!!!

If you’d like to schedule an exploratory session to see if what I offer meets your needs, please click here.